Top Ten Large Cat Toys

With any cat it is important to have great cat toys. However when you have large cats this is even more important. There are a few toys for big cats you should know about. By knowing the best toys to keep cats busy you will be able to find the right ones for your cat’s needs.

1. Ethical Thin Colorful Springs Cat Toy, 10-Pack

When it comes to the best cat toys ever, springs are one of the best toys. They are great for bouncing so your cat can chase them. Your cat can even bat them around the house if they like. These are ethical springs so they are designed to be safe for your cat, which is different from springs from a bed or that you buy in a hardware store. The bright colors are also enticing.

2.100-Percent Catnip Filled Fish Cat Toy, Annette

Cats love to play with fish and the only thing better than a big cat toy fish is one filled with catnip. This fish is plush so they can bite on it and have fun with it. Your cat will love chasing this around the house. It can even be fun for a game of hide and seek as your cat will have to use their sense of smell to find the strong catnip odor of this toy.
3. Bergan Turbo Track Cat Toy

If your cat loves to chase balls, then this track is perfect for them. The ball goes around the track at fast speeds and keeps your cat’s attention for hours on end. There are five different pieces that can be linked together in different ways to create different tracks for your pet.
This is the perfect toy for big cats that love laser pointers. You can either hold this in your hand and play with your cat or put it in automatic mode and put it on the floor. This allows you to play with your cat in the way that works for you.
Just about every cat loves to chase and jump at things and this teaser wand gives you just what you are looking for. It has a flexible wire that is perfect for playing with your cat. This is a fun way to not only bond with your cat but to give them the exercise they need for a healthy life at the same time.
This is a fun idea for a toy for cats. This is a ball that is filled with treats or cat food. They will have to roll the ball around to get the food to come out. This can help to space out the food if your cat eats all of their food really fast. It also makes them think and work to get their food out of the ball.
7.Yeowww My Cats Balls, 3-Pack

These are small fabric balls that are filled with organic catnip. Cats love catnip as it makes them more playful. Your cat will have hours of fun with this durable fabric ball. There are three balls in this pack so that your cat will have backups in case they lose the balls.
8. Cat Tunnel – Fun Interactive Cat Toy for Your Large or Small Cat, Pet or Small Dog

The cat tunnel is great for cats because they love to run and play in the tunnel. It is something they can hide in and then pounce from. One end of the tunnel even has a ball on a string that they can bat around. This gives them something a little more to do while in the tunnel which is perfect. This is an easy toy to fold up and put away.
9. Mouse Chase Motion Cat Toys and Scratch Pad, Funny Cat ToysThis toy is great for big cats because it combines two things into one. You get the motion mouse toy that your cat can chase and try to catch and on tops is a cat scratching pad. This is great because cats need a scratching pad to keep their nails trimmed.

10. KongĀ® KickerooTM Catnip Plush Cat Toy by Miles Kimball

This is a catnip filled toy that has multiple textures. This can give your cat the ability to bat it around and play or change it up and play with the other end. It is great for cats of all ages and sizes.