Top ten Cat Diners

Giving your cat a nice meal is easy when you have a cat diner. There are many options out there you should know about. This will allow you to feed your cat in style rather than feeding them with spare bowls you have at home.

1. Catit Style 2-Bowl Glass Diner Set for Pets, Black

This black cat diner has a modern look to it. The bottom is a sleek, shiny black base and the bowls are round and clear. This will allow you to keep track of how much food and water your cat has at any given time. The bowls are dishwasher safe making clean up easy.

2. Catit Double Diner

The bowls on this cat diner are set down into the container. The two dishes are stainless steel and can be removed for easy cleaning. They can go in the dishwasher. The exterior is plastic so the diner is not too heavy yet it looks good and is easy to clean.
If you are looking for an elegant cat diner then this is a great choice. The bowls on this are one pint so you can get a lot of food in them which makes them great for large cats. The black metal base has beautiful Mediterranean shapes. The bowls are stainless steel so they can go in the dishwasher as well.
For pet parents who hate the sound of food and water dishes being moved around as your cat eats, then this is a great choice. This is a silent diner because it sets the dishes up from the ground. The points of the base where it does touch the ground are plastic so they do not make noise. The stainless steel bowls can be removed from the base for cleaning.

If your cat likes to eat a lot of food and you are worried about their weight, then it is a good idea to find a cat diner that makes them eat slower. This cat diner makes cats reach in and paw out their food so they cannot just eat it all in a short amount of time. It is also a good way to mentally stimulate your cat while feeding them.

6. Platinum Pets Modern Puppy Double Diner Stand with Two 1-Cup Rimmed Bowls, Black

This pet diner comes in a variety of colors. The stand itself is a simple black color and then you choose the color you want the bowls to be. This is a simple cat diner that is easy to use. The stainless steel of the bowls means that it can be washed in the dishwasher without any issues. The color on the bowls is also compliant with FDA and EU standards.

7. Orbit Innovative 1/2 Pint Wireframe Diner – Cat

This cat diner is designed with a wire base that is in the shape of a fish, which is fun. The bowls inside have a coating on them that makes them resistant to bacteria and mold. On top of this you will find that the bowls are scratch and resistent.

8. Westminster Pet 00441 Small Pup/cat Double Diner

When you need to find a cat diner that is lightweight and portable, this can be a great choice. While the feeding dishes on this diner are not removable, it is small enough to pop in the dishwasher or even just your overnight bag when traveling with your cat. The bright colors are fun and though it is small it can still fit 10 ounces of food or water in each of the two dishes on the diner.
9. *5 Quart* Large Adjustable Double Wrought Iron Stainless Steel Dog Cat Pet Diner Food Water BowlsThe nice thing about this cat diner is that you can adjust the height of the bowls. This means you can put the water up higher than the food or the other way around. This is a great choice for older cats that have a hard time bending over to their bowls. The bowls are also quite large which is great for large cats.

10. Platinum Pets Triple Modern Diner Stand with 3 Heavy 1-Pint Dishes, Raspberry

If you need to have a cat diner with three dishes, then this is perfect. It is ideal for pet parents with two cats. This is because the cats can share water but sharing the same bowl is generally not an option. The bright raspberry color is fun, especially in contrast to the simplistic design of the base.