Top Ten Cat Books!

There is no getting around the fact that cats are complicated creatures. The way they act and the way you treat them will set the tone of your relationship for the rest of their lives! With how complicated they are it can be very beneficial to check out cat behavior books and cat training books to get an idea of what they mean by the things they do. So we pulled together our favorite cat books in this handy top ten list!

1. Cat Training in 10 Minutes
As an avid cat lover I hate hearing people say that cats are dumb animals that can’t learn anything. The opposite is absolutely true! By giving your kitty just ten minutes of training a day you can make a difference in the tricks and techniques that they can learn. For cats books based on training, you can’t do better than Miriam Babineau’s entry.

2. Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook
As far as cat health books are concerned, there are very few books that encapsulate as much information as this Home Veterinary Handbook. Written by a team of great authors and affordable at $21, you are getting almost 700 pages of information. You will be able to separate common problems from the bigger issue things and keep your cats health at the forefront of your mind.

3. Cats Have No Masters
Cat psychology books, almost by definition, will be interesting reads. Cats are interesting creatures in that they want to love and be loved while maintaining an almost absolute style of independence. This book, which details just why cats are the way they are, will lead you to a whole new world of understanding your furry little friend. With understanding comes respect and with that a long and healthy relationship.

4. Naughty No More
One of the biggest reasons that cats routinely end up in shelters or on the streets is the inability of owners to train them not to be ‘naughty’. It will surprise most people to know this but cats aren’t trying to be ‘naughty’ and they really don’t understand the concept. It is up to you to train them to know what is acceptable and what is not. This great book gives you insight on how to properly train your cat and keep them happy.

5. The Cat Whisperer: Why Cats Do What They Do
While many people tend to focus on the cat health behavior of their felines, they should also be paying attention to the psychological issues going on underneath. This book, by Ms. Nagelschneider, will let you take a peak into what makes your cat behave the way it does. With this understanding you will then be armed with the proper tools to train them to behave how you want.

6. Cat Vs. Cat: Keeping Peace When You Have More Than One Cat
The ‘problem’ with cat owners has always been their penchant for wanting more. If you love your kitty why not get another one? The upkeep doesn’t dramatically change? The problem occurs when the two cats don’t get along and this is quite common. There are steps that you can take to make sure your cats behave well together, and this book will lead you to them.

7. The Natural Cat
Your cat wants to be healthy, just like you, and you can make sure that they get that way by treating them well. This book focuses on the holistic styles of taking care of your animals. Keeping your pet away from chemicals and possibly unhealthy solutions will keep them better in the long term. Full of great info and colorful pictures, the Natural Cat is a great kitty companion.

8. Cat Training is Easy!
With how much your cat sleeps and how little they listen to you, we bet you never epxected to have an easy time training your cat! Your cat is intelligent and wants to learn, so it is no surprise that Pamela Moore made the process easy and enjoyable.

9. Clicker Training for Cats
If you have been to an animal show or watched a magician on set, you’ve probably heard the famous ‘clicker’. The clicker is used as a training technique to reinforce good behaviors for your cat. Following this clicker training will allow your cat to learn previously difficult concepts.

10. The Cat Training Secret
Behavior issues are routinely caused by a fundamental lack of understanding. If your cat knew their actions upset you, would they keep doing it? This book answers that question and shows you how to make sure behavior issues go away for good.