Top 10 Cat Feeders

Choosing the right cat feeder has never been easier or more fun when choosing between these top 10 cat feeders, found in the animal’s toy section of Amazon. These feeders have useful features that make life more convenient for owner and pet.

Neater Feeder

Is your cat a messy eater? The neater feeder was designed for you! With high walls around the edges of this feeder, and a drainage tub underneath for catching spilled water, you’ll never have to deal with spilled liquids or kibble again. Skid-prevention material on the bottom of this feeder stops accidental kicks from making a mess. This specially contoured pet feeder is elevated for your cat’s comfort and ease of use. It comes in two attractive colors–cranberry and gold–to match a variety of kitchen and pet feeding areas.

Interactive Cat Feeder

Your cat will either love or hate this product, depending on how hungry he is. But you’ll love watching him think and manipulate his way to his food! Designed to slow down his eating and prevent enthusiastic pets from scarfing their food, his interactive cat feeder turns meal time into a fun game. Sit back and watch while your cat uses his paws in shockingly human-like movements, digging and poking his way to his food.

Automatic Cat Feeder

This mechanized, fully programmable cat feeder dispenses up to 6 meals without needing any help from you. Your cat will get meals at the times you choose, and you’ll be off the hook for feeding your cat for six complete meal cycles. This automatic feeder is great for portion control, as it keeps food for subsequent meals safe and sound.

Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser

It looks like a hamster ball, but it’s really a cat toy that slowly dispenses cat food. Watch your cat playfully toss around the ball, sometimes stopping to eat what comes out. This ingenious little toy forces your cat to exercise for her food–and slows down the eating time. Great for cats with weight problems!

Raised Pet Feeder

It it’s cute and paw shaped, and elevated for your cat’s convenience! This raised pet feeder is raised for older cats with sore joints, arthritis and more. The raised pet feeder also protects joints on younger cats, so your feline friend can eat in comfort and safety. As an added convenience for you, the dish for this feeder is easily removable from the stand, making it easier to wash and refill.

Raise Wet Food Feeder

Another raised pet feeder–this one is made of ceramic and boasts a beautiful patterned glaze that looks great in any kitchen. The shallow dish works best with wet foods, but can also be used as a shallow water dish as well.

Tunnel Self Feeder for Cats

Watch as your cats poke and prod this fun and fascinating cat feeder! This feeder presents another challenge for cats who eat their food too quickly, and is a useful tool for owners who are hoping to control portions or their cats weight. The adjustable output allows owners to control how quickly the food is released into the tunnels. This feeder may be used for occasional treats, or as a daily feeder for regular meals.

Cat Buffet and Watering Dish

Your cats will line up for their dinner with this ingenious, durable cat feeder and waterer. The cat buffet dish has two food dishes, so multiple cats can eat at the same time. And with an automatic watering dispenser, you’ll spend less time refilling the water bowl and more time playing with your furry friends. The non-skid bottom helps this dish stay in one spot while your cats eat. The stainless steel bowls are easily removed from the food base, for easy cleaning.

Thermo-Kitty Bowl

Does your outdoor cat’s dish freeze in the winter time? If so, this is the dish for you. This electric dish will keep your cat’s food and water warm enough that your cat can eat regardless of the temperature outside. Perfect for cats that sleep in your garage. The cord on this product is protected with steel mesh, and the electronic parts of the bowl are safely located inside the dish, out of reach from your cat.

Selective Cat Feeder

Owners with multiple pets will delight in this battery-operated selective feeder. Simply attach the unique tag to the appropriate cat’s collar and relax knowing that the feeder will open only for that specific pet. This product will prevent your cat from eating the wrong food.