Ten Great Frisbees to Use With Your Dog

Playing Frisbee with your pet is a great way to exercise for both you and your pet. Amazon carries some great Frisbees designed with your dog in mind. Here is a listing of 10 great choices for your best friend.

1. Kong Red Rubber Flyer

This is Amazon’s best-selling dog disc. This disc is made of natural, nontoxic rubber material and is safe for your dog’s teeth and gums. The Kong Flyer is soft leather and won’t cut or damage your dog’s mouth. There are two sizes to choose from, depending on the size of your dog. This disc does not float well.

2. Aerobie Dogobie Flying Disc

This flying disc is aerobically designed to fly well yet stand up to the biting and chewing that dogs give their toys. The disc comes in blue or yellow, the two colors dogs see, so your pet can easily locate the disc. These discs are made from silicon and have a lip on the edge to let the dog easily pick it up from the ground. Many bite marks actually repair themselves overnight by morphing back into shape.

23. West Paw Design Guaranteed Tough Large Zisc

This Frisbee with the long name is designed for use with big dogs that like to chew. This disc is made out of what the company calls Zogoflex and is safe for your pet. This disc has no rubber or latex components and can be washed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning and sterilization. The disc floats well in water and is made in Montana.

4. Booda Tail Spin Flyer

The Booda Tail Spin Flyer is made out of two soft materials that are sewn together. Available in three sizes, this construction means that your pet can easily retrieve this disc and return it. And, it is deep enough to serve as an emergency water bowl after a good run outside with your dog.

5. Hyperflite K-10 Competition Standard 6-Disc Pack

This package features 6 discs designed for a medium to large dog. These discs are able to fly well and are designed to be soft for the mouth of your dog. This is the brand that is used in the K-10 Frisbee Competition each year. However, these discs are not designed to be chewed and will work best for a dog who has been trained to drop the disc at your feet.

6. Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Toy

This disc is not like stiffer flyers you may have used before. This flyer is a rubber ring with a nylon covering that lifts up when it flies. It is soft and rated safe for both children and dogs. It floats on water, and the nylon is fairly resistant to dog and puppy teeth.

7. Chuck It! Paraflight

This is a floppy disc that will bring your pet much enjoyment. This is not a chew toy, but rather used as a flyer, so it should last your pet a long while. Many dog owners remark they can throw it indoors during bad weather without fear of damage, and they love the way it keeps its shape during the snowy months.

8. Tuff Stuff Flyer by Hartz

This flyer is a nylon floppy flyer composed of two materials. The outer layer is padded to hold up to rough play while the soft center is designed so that the flyer can withstand tugging wars. This flyer is available in a number of colors and is designed to withstand chewing of medium to large dogs.

9. Nite Ize Dog Discuit Light Up Flying Disc

This is a light-up-in-the-dark disc. Perfect for use at night, for camping and any other place where the light is poor. This disc is not floppy, so it flies well. The disc comes with a dog-safe light compartment with batteries. The light controls are in the center, but keep this away from your dog.

10. Whamo Euroblend Fastback Frisbee Dog Disc

Yep, this is a dog disc from the Frisbee folks. This is not the same as the standard, hard plastic dish we are used to. This Frisbee is made out of different, softer materials and should stand up to a lot of use with your dog. This disc is not intended as a chew toy, however.

So, there you are. Ten great choices to play Frisbee with your pet. After all, isn’t playing Frisbee the best thing about having a dog?